Keep Your Golf Game Skills Sharp and Ready for Prime Playing  Season​...

Here's How to Do it From Home

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Keep Working on Your Golf Game...Even If You're Quarantined and Can't Leave the House

Hey golfers...we have a bit of a dilemma, don't we?

We have a rather aggressive health threat that is taking us out of the game for a little while. Some of you are still enjoying a round or two, while others are in complete quarantine (and for good reason).

And we don't know for how long because WE are not in control, right?

It could be a few more weeks or even months before we get to enjoy the game again. 

So, what are your choices? 

Do nothing and wait til we can get back out there. You already know this is a game killer as it takes you a few months just to ramp up from not playing!

Or...you could stretch a little. That's always a good idea because it helps your body stay limber while you wait for a break in the weather. But, you need more if you want to keep your golf game sharp and competitive. 

You could grab a portable putting mat and keep your putting skills active.  Also, not a bad plan...but it's still lacking in overall critical skill development

What if we could help you with that?

Our experts have prepared a Stay at Home Golf Skills and Drills program that concentrates on the 5 most important skill development areas that a golfer 'must have'  to optimize and maximize their opportunities to play their best golf when the season does begin...and we all know it will.       

What's the best part? 

This is perfect for at home training...you don't need equipment, training space, a gym, practice greens or even the driving range!


All you need is a few feet of space and a few of your favorite golf clubs.

Let the perfect 'at home' training golf program BEGIN!

Keep Your Golf Skills Sharp!

Emerge a Stronger and Better Player...

Takes The Mystery Out of Your Golf Training by Delivering Meaningful Golf Skills You Can Develop and Refine Completely Inside...

No putting Green or Range Time Needed...

These SIMPLE Skills and Drills are Just What You Need to Maximize Your Down Time, Fix Swing Killers and Elevate Your Game

  • Perfect for all handicap levels - this program simplifies your training and improvement process and is suitable for all ages and handicap levels
  • Sharpens your golf skills - you will stay focused on the specific golf skills you need to develop a stronger, more dynamic game - no more wasting time or not getting results
  • Compliments your game - this was designed by golfers who understand golf and what you need to do to improve
  • Easy to follow - each golf skill has specific drills to master (along with easy to follow instructions with clear photos)
  • Can perform at home - these are not driving range drills! These are skills and drills you can do at home (no matter what the weather or quarantine level) 
  • Fix it and forget it- if you fix it now and develop these time saving golf skills, you will be fully ready for prime time golf season. No more embarrassing starts. Your buddies will think you've been playing all year long. 
  • Practical - designed for every day amateurs who want to play better golf without hitting the range or even going outside

The Stay at Home Golf Drills program focuses on the 5 most critical areas of skill development for a golfer.

These skills are the heart of an efficient and effective golf swing. As your heart beats strong, so does your game.

You want some straight talk about your game? You need a repeatable, consistent swing. It's the one thing ALL golfers have in common.

Not only does it translate to lower scores...but it means a golf swing you can repeat over and over...almost to perfection. 

We aren't saying your swing has to be perfect. No way. And it doesn't have to be...

But it should be repeatable and consistent. If you like watching Matthew Wolff and his most unusual and unconventional swing, you'll know what we mean. 

So, what exactly will we be teaching you?

Let's outline the 5 keys to off season training...

This is NOT a golf instruction handbook. This is a golf skill development handbook designed for the off season for dedicated golfers who want more from their game.

If you have loved the Wake Up Golf Series so far, this could be your new favorite

Develop these pivotal skills NOW and you will be the player to beat all season long!

5 Proven, Practical, Mind - Opening, and Game Changing Skills Every Golfer Needs

  • Grip and tension awareness  - you already know 'tension' is a swing killer. But, do you know these proven drills to show you exactly how to release tension in your swing? Yes...there's a simple test to see when your tension is too high and how to release it. 
  • Clubface awareness - it's close to impossible to become a better golfer and shoot lower scores if you aren't crystal clear on how your clubface is making contact with the ball. Some golfers never learn this which is why they never improve. When you practice this simple drill, it will have a mind bending effect on your performance. 
  • Body motion and balance - good body motion and balance is the long coveted secret to a consistent swing. Many golfers get stuck in the backswing with a common 'sway and stay' move. That's not good!  You will learn how to re-enforce good body motion and instill better balance. 
  • Rhythm and tempo - how fast should your golf swing be from start to finish and how can you monitor your overall speed, rhythm and tempo? These simple drills will teach you and you will finally develop the confidence you have been missing all along. 
  • Isolated and integrated movement - if only someone had thought to teach you this first - you know, before some of the more difficult and challenging swing moves. We will teach you how to isolate key movement patterns, then integrate them into your overall golf swing motion. 

You can't afford to wait...you have to act now. This golf training will pay off big time when playing season begins...


ORDER RIGHT NOW. You will be so glad you did. 

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