More Distance, Better Stability and Rock Solid Shots...

Follow This Free Beginner Core Routine You Can Do at Home or On the Road

Dear Avid Golfer,

How many of these common sayings have you heard regarding the golf swing?

Your core is the driving engine for your swing 

The core is where you score

True power and stability comes from developing core strength

Without a doubt, your core serves quite a few important functions in the golf swing. 

Glute strength, hip stability, leg power, better balance, turning motion of the upper body...

Today...we are sharing a beginner core routine any golfer can perform whether you are on the road or hanging out at home. 

Perform these 5 basic core exercises a couple of days this week and you'll see great benefits for your game. 


Hope you enjoyed doing these core exercises for golf! Stay strong and healthy all year long...especially during the off season. Your body will thank you and so will your game! Click on the link for more great mini core workouts for golf.