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Dear Avid Golfer,

Have you ever read just one tip in a golf book or magazine, watched a 1 minute golf video, or got one piece of advice from a golfing friend and....Boom...you had a big breakthrough with your game?

One minute you are struggling with a part of your swing or your game and you're scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck you're doing wrong.

The next minute it suddenly all makes sense and you're feeling great about your game again.

Why does this happen?

It isn't easy to see how your swing might be different from one day to the next, one swing to the next or even one season to the next. 

There are also times when you might be struggling with some aspect of your game and you just aren't getting it. This could be with getting approach shots to stick on the green, how to successfully get out of deep bunkers, or how to shape your shots to optimize placement on the green.

What if the perfect fix was already out there, but you didn't know where to find it or you weren't sure which teacher or player could help you the most? 

What if you were just ONE GOLF TIP away from a significant breakthrough with your game?

I know what you're probably thinking...

You have access to golf tips everywhere!

Between magazines, the Golf Channel, golf instruction sites and so on...everyone has a piece of advice for you or a 'free tip'.

Why is this a problem?

How can you possibly know who to trust? Not every golf guru who provides a golf tip is a credible source.

...And...not every instructor is a good fit for you to learn from.

Want to hear something crazy?

Try looking for a fix to your slice on the internet....

Talk about punishment. 

You will see several million (yes, I mean 'millions') potential fixes for your slice

Do you really have time to sort through all those tips to find the right solution?

Don't believe one little golf tip can make that much of a difference?....Take a look at this...

"I got one tip that really changed how I played around the greens. It was from Arnold. It was in 1962 and we were playing in a practice round in Palm Springs..." Arnold changed his thinking that day about how to approach short chip shots off the green and Nickalus says he has played that way ever since."

-Jack Nicklaus (interview with the Golf Academy)

That's remarkable, isn't it? Even one of the greatest players of golf benefited from a simple golf tip he got from a colleague, competitor and friend...and don't worry because we promise to share this tip with you...

What if You Could Tap Into the Minds of Some of the Greatest Players and Coaches That Ever Lived?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

You could go back and get tips from the true pioneers in golf like Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Ernest Jones, Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson and even Ben Hogan.

Some of the tips they have passed on through the generations is absolutely priceless...

They were true masters of the swing and some were quite innovative back in the day. They have taught proven strategies on how to have a 'natural and effortless' swing...and so much more....

Then there are a long list of other players and teachers that have spanned generations....each with his or her own take or modification on an old theory or a brand new approach...

What if I did all the work for you? 

And spent... 1440 hours of research, 47 golf books reviewed, 577 golf videos viewed and 29 golf research reports analyzed.

Every credible golf tip or lesson from the early 1900’s (think Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones) to today’s best teachers, players and mentors of the game and condensed the information into a ‘best of golf tips’.

That would be truly amazing, right?

I do all the work and you get all the benefit. 

Here's the truth about golf:

Put the Best All Time Golf Tips to Work for You...Imagine the Discoveries You'll Make for a Lasting Breakthrough...

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-103 specific golf tips from reliable, credible, golf experts 

-Extraordinary golf swing tips, game strategies, mental finesse and lots of little thoughts and techniques you've probably never thought about.

What are some examples of golf tips that might help you?

- What is the worst thing you can do in a round that makes 'bad shots follow each other in rapid succession?" Walter Hagen has the answer to this along with some important advice so this will never happen to you.

-How long should you practice? Bobby Jones has some specific advice about how long it should be and how to do it properly.

-Did you know three of the greatest golfers to ever play the game (Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus) all learned from one simple teaching method? Find out the teacher they all looked up to and what they learned. 

...and there's plenty of modern day teachers and players as well. We uncovered golf tips that are crazy effective and make total sense. 



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