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The Most Practical 'No Fail' Guide for Golf

When you're sick and tired of hitting the same old basket of balls over and over without seeing the results you want, it's time to start following a plan.

Most players have no idea where to start when it comes to improving their handicap and shooting lower scores. It takes an approach that includes all elements of the game into ONE SIMPLE PLAN - any golfer can follow. 

Most experts only teach one facet of the game so you have to go to 5 different experts, then try to put it together yourself. That's miserable (and ineffective).

Not any more.  We have put together a fail proof plan and you are guaranteed to see results in 21 days. 

This booklet will give you 3 to 5 simple tasks per day related to an important part of the game. Throw it in your bag and and you can take it anywhere you go. You will never do too little or too much ever again. Just the right combination to see results. 

This little booklet will quickly become the most valuable golf resource you own. 

The Easiest Game Improvement Plan on the Planet 

Simple. Easy to Follow. Takes You Through Every Aspect of the Game.

  • Practical and realistic - designed for every day amateurs who want to play better golf but with limited time to invest
  • No more second guessing - never practice too much or too little. 
  • Goes anywhere - take this small printed guide with you to the practice range or back yard
  • Easy to follow - each day is laid out with 3 simple drills/exercises/motions or movements to complete for each part of the game (swing, fitness and mental)
  • Effortless improvement - your improvement will feel effortless because you don't have to research, test, or try to figure out what to do
  • Perfect for all handicap levels - this program simplifies your training and improvement process and is suitable for all ages and handicap levels 

The 21 Day Golf Rise and Grind is a guide that takes you through 21 days of golf improvement activities and tasks to help you improve and play better golf. Each day you will be given a couple of drills, exercises, or techniques specifically designed to help one facet of the game. You will be working on your swing, your body and your handicap with one easy to follow guide. 

This is the most innovative and effective resource you've ever purchased for your game!

Now you can truly train like a pro at a small fraction of the time they invest. You can finally play the best rounds of your life!

If you have loved the Wake Up Golf Series so far, this is your winning ticket. It takes the very best golf drills, only the most useful mobility moves, superior practice techniques and most effective game strategies and puts them all together in a specific, detailed plan for you to follow.

And guess what? It really, truly works. Simplify your game starting today. 


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"Fantastic. Huge help for my game."

"This book is fantastic. Huge help for my game. I wish I knew about it sooner."

- Kevin C.

"Just follow it. It works!"

"Just follow it. It works. At least it did for me."

- John T.

"Best decision for my game in 10 years - easy."

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but everything was laid out for me. Every day for 21 days has a couple of things to do. Some stuff I never tried before. Best decision for my game in 10 years - easy."

- Steve S.

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