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Dear fellow golfer,

It’s time to put all of the power to improve back in your hands. Are you ready for your golf game to explode and your handicap to drop 3, 5 or even 10 strokes per round?

….Does this sound familiar?

Ask any golfer who plays golf on a regular basis and he or she will tell you their swing faults.

“I shank it off the tee 25% of the time. I never give myself a chance.”

“I top the ball. Can’t seem to get a solid hit.”

“I have the dreaded slice. If there’s trouble on the course, I find it.”

“My ball only knows one direction. Left.”

“I can’t get my swing to stay on plane in the backswing.”

“It’s really hard to keep my body synchronized from one swing to the next.”

“My hips won’t turn. No distance off the tee.”

“My putting sucks. If I could save one or two more strokes from the greens, I’d be good.”

You hook it. You hit it thin. You hit it fat. You have trouble getting enough coil in the backswing. You slice it. You pull it. The list can go on and on and reach a ridiculous number of golf faults.

And sometimes, you have two, three or even four swing faults within just one round!

Golf can be such a frustrating game at times.

Now, let’s review the most common options to get this ‘fixed’.

Strategy #1:

You can go online and look for what the google gods come up with.

That’s not a bad plan. But unfortunately you have to try and sort through tons of videos and articles before you find the real fix. And how do you know if it’s the right drill for you? That is assuming you don’t get totally frustrated and give up before you find the exact fix for your situation. Most golfers just say forget-it. It simply wastes too much time.


Strategy #2:

Hire a local pro for an hour.

Also not a bad strategy. But here is how it normally goes in your appointment.

The pro…”hey John, tell me why you’re here. What can I do for you?”

You…”well, I keep hitting it left and my ball can’t seem to find the


The pro…”okay John. Why don’t you hit a few balls for me and let

me take a look?”

….The pro silently watches you hit a few balls.

The pro…”You’re right John. You hit it left. Now let me give you a

few drills to correct that.”

While this is an effective strategy, it rarely works long term.


Because eventually you go back to your bad habits and you can’t possibly remember the drill to get you back on track.

And who can afford to keep going back to your pro every time you have an issue that needs to be corrected?

It is frustrating and agonizing to try everything imaginable to lower your golf score, yet continue to fail miserably…

Are You Making One of These Common Golf Swing Mistakes?

You know golf isn’t a game of perfect. Who ever said you were looking for perfect play anyway?

You really just want to get a break. Maybe get some credit or a little good karma for all of the work you put in to improve. However, if you are like most golfers, then developing bad habits or swing faults is a natural part of the game.

Here are some of the most common swing faults you may have experiencing in the past ir may be having difficulty with today…

Mistake #1: Not Enough Coil in Your Backswing

So…you’re lacking some power in your swing? There is a stretching process that happens in the backswing which creates coil.

If you aren’t getting that, then the tendency is to overuse your arms, hands and shoulders to force the club into position.

No stretching. No coil. No distance. BIG PROBLEM.

What do you want to do?

What you want to have happen is to keep your left shoulder down and wind your midsection up through your backswing. Your right shoulder will be slightly up along with your right hip.

Mistake #2: You Slice the Ball

This is one of the most frustrating problems t have in golf and it seems almost impossible to cure!

But, that’s not entirely true.

It’s a matter of finding the right drills and techniques to help you simulate the correct swing plane.

So, what is happening when you slice?

When you slice the ball, it means you are swinging over the top and your swing plane angle is creating an out to in path.

Not only is your golf ball flying the wrong direction, but you also have a significant loss in power. Talk about a bummer…

The main problem is bad sequencing.

Once you get the right sequencing, then BAM…no more slice.

Mistake #3: You Top the Ball

Even the best golfers (including the pros) can top the ball from time to time. 

It is frustrating and embarrassing…and something you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

What exactly is going on when you top the ball?

Most commonly you are having difficulty staying in posture.

The top occurs when your shoulders and hips spiral out of control on your downswing causing you to make contact with the top part of the ball.

No worries. There are several specific drills that can help you stay in posture throughout the swing and this will never happen to you again!

Mistake #4: You Need to Improve Your Sequencing

Good golf sequencing is the cornerstone to an efficient and effective swing.

Once your swing gets out of sequence, you can say goodbye to any chance at consistent play.

You may as well get ready for a disastrous and potentially ugly round of golf.

Your game can fall apart for any number of reasons, but it’s almost impossible to play consistently good golf when your body gets out of sequence.

You will feel the effects of bad rhythm, bad timing and poor balance.

Mistake #5: Poor Release of the Club on the Downswing-‘Casting’

The impact position is the one move you absolutely have to get right.

That’s hard to do when your wrist angles are all wrong.

When you lose your wrist angle as you head into impact, you are now in one of your weakest positions as you may contact with the ball.

The lead wrist is weak with a poor position. Your result is a poorly hit shot with a total fizzle at impact.

You will never feel like a strong powerful golfer until you get this fixed and it won’t go away any time soon.

Sadly, Most Golfers Don’t Know Where to Start

Up until now, there have not been any easy answers for your golf swing problems. Maybe you have found a quick fix from time to time, only to see the problem return again. This happens because bad habits are hard to break!

But, not any more. Here is your complete solution.

Introducing the BIG BOOK of GOLF DRILLS

Isn’t it time you burst through your past plateaus and start playing better than you ever imagined possible?

Gone are the days of immense frustration when you know you’re playing well below your real potential.

This is the ultimate solution to solve all of your swing issues.


Because now you can look through the easy laid out index to uncover your main issue and find the exact fix you need to correct it….ON THE SPOT…

This program has over 100 carefully crafted swing drills you can use for almost any and every issue you may face while playing golf.

That’s right. You can perform a simple drill on the golf course in between holes or give yourself a few extra minutes on the driving range.

Now your driving range and practice time has REAL PURPOSE.

You are no longer pounding ball after ball and hoping a miracle takes place.

Now you have total control over every aspect of your game.

Yes, you will get a quick fix to your most annoying problem, but that’s only the start.

More importantly, these drills will help you BREAK BAD HABITS (permanently).

How will fixing your swing faults instantly help you?

  • By dramatically lowering your golf score
  • By dramatically increasing your drive distance
  • By finally getting an effortless and repeatable swing that you control
  • By making all of your playing partners jealous with envy when you are the one with the winning score, round after round

Remember that little problem we talked about before in Mistake #1 when you have difficulty getting coil in your backswing?

You are probably wondering if there a quick and easy fix for this problem?


Want to see how easy this swing flaw is to fix?

Take a look at this very simple drill you can do at home or on the driving range.

Take your left hand on top of your right in a criss cross pattern.

Get into your good golf posture and begin to swing.

Repeat several times until you get the hang of the new feeling.

It’s that easy!

The position of your arms FORCES your left shoulder to stay down, helps your right shoulder stay high AND helps you find the coil naturally.

AND, For the First Time Ever, You Get the Unique Opportunity to Learn How to Fix Your Own Swing and Hit Ridiculously Accurate Shots by Using Incredibly Easy Drills, Anyone Can Do!

This is quite simply, the fastest way to improve your own game without wasting any more time or money.

That’s what I’m talking about! How about seeing some honest improvement without wasting time or money?

Let’s face it.

Your clubs aren’t going to save you if you keep playing with the same old bad habits.

Want to know some of the drills being offered in this book? We got you covered on everything!

  • Motion drills
  • Posture drills
  • Set up drills
  • Tempo drills
  • Rhythm and tempo drills
  • Body Synching drills

And that doesn’t’ even begin to scratch the surface…

  • Speed drills
  • Transition drills
  • Pivot drills
  • Putting drills
  • Power drills

And what about all those ridiculous swing faults you have become frustrated with…GONE!

There are over 100 drills that are easy to find and easy to perform for almost every single swing fault you ever heard of…and some you never knew existed.

  • Fix your slice and watch your balls start screaming down the middle of the fairway
  • Maximize your coil so you can hit it much longer off the tee, regardless of your size or strength
  • Eliminate fat shots, thin shots and other poorly hit shots that have been holding you back no matter how long you have had these issues
  • Rebuild your tempo and rhythm so your body moves together in the most efficient and effective way

The BIG BOOK of Golf Drills Will Work For You, Even IF…

  • You’ve been playing golf for a very long time and are a seasoned player
  • You lack confidence in your swing and no longer ‘trust’ that you can get the improvement you deserve
  • You have bad habits that are impossible to break
  • You’ve NEVER achieved your FULL potential in golf
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of and never saw significant results
  • You just started playing the game of golf

Age is Not a Factor. Experience is Not a Factor.

These Simple Golf Drills Work for All Levels of Golfers.

It’s Your Turn. Ready to Get Started?

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“My golf swing feels great and so do I.” –J.M.

“No one believes I haven’t been taking lessons.” –Rick S.

“I feel confident that I can conquer any swing issue that comes up now that I have this manual.” –Jan T.

P.S. Don’t wait another day when your improvement is so close at hand. Grab the downloadable guide today. Try a couple of quick and easy golf drills and end the frustration. You can do it. Get past those swing faults and start playing like you’ve always dreamed you could.

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