This is for golfers who want more power and precision by learning how to activate their own core...

Harness the Power of Your Core for More Distance, Better Stability and Rock Solid Shots

Is core activation the missing element from your swing?

Dear Avid Golfer,

You want to hear something really crazy?

Did you know less than 7% of all golfers know how to access their core

This is true of golfers of all handicap levels and playing experience. 

After personally testing several thousands golfers (many in person) including up and coming players for the PGA and LPGA Tours, we can tell you that the vast majority of golfers have close to zero control of their core and they no almost no idea how to access the hidden power needed to produce distance and stability in their swing.

And you sure can't tell by looking either....I have seen exceptionally fit golfers fail the core test within seconds.

We have also seen smaller young women (under 5'5" and barely over 100 lbs.) access true core power and outdrive men twice their size and strength.

How is this even possible?

Because core strength is the key to producing raw power regardless of size...

Don't believe me....take a look at what a few golf experts have to say...

"Just like a discuss thrower who builds up power through the coiling motion of his or her body, you use your hands and arms merely as conductors of torso-created power."

-David Leadbetter from The Golf Swing

"We work out different body parts each day, but every day we do the core. We do medicine balls, abs, and core."

-Dustin Johnson

"Jason saw a dramatic increase in core strength and stability, while adding 15 pounds of lean muscle and stripping away over six pounds of fat. His lower core and abs are now incredible and they were close to non-existent in comparison a year ago. He is showing as much as 800 percent improvement in dynamic core flexion strength and significant improvements across the board."

-Trainer Cornel Driessen (for Jason Day)

Want to Access REAL Core Strength?

Engaging your core is easy once you know the 3 principles behind it. Then you practice it like crazy so it becomes a part of your routine and a part of every swing you take. That's when it becomes 'natural and effortless'.

When you learn how to activate your core and access its true strength, you will finally get...

Our nervous system is our control unit which learns by repetition. What our body does most, it will remember best and therefore repeat when asked. This is the reason we need to take our training seriously and concentrate on every move we do, no matter how easy of an exercise we perform. Each exercise needs to be executed perfectly every time.

Through the right training, you will see results that contribute roughly 50% by getting mechanically stronger (muscles, connective tissue, flexibility, etc.) and roughly 50% improvement of your nervous system knowing what muscles to fire and at what time.

The right firing order is very important because it teaches our individual body parts to move in a synchronized fashion to efficiently create and deliver power. The power generation is similar to an engine. If the firing order of the cylinders is off, the engine runs very rough and the power output is greatly affected.

Here's the truth about golf:

Your Golf Body Craves Power

And yet most golfers struggle with this...

Is there a simple way to know if you have a power leak through lack of core engagement?

As a matter of fact there is...we have been using two simple tests for close to 10 years and they are designed to do exactly that...tell if you are actively engaging your core. (one of these tests gets failed 90% of the time)

And it's not about your height, weight, golf ability or how long you can hold the plank... and it's time to teach you everything we know about engaging your core for golf. 

Try Our Brand New Golf Core Workouts and You'll Have All of the Power You'll Ever Need for Golf...

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-44 Individual core programs specifically designed for golf

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-At home core exercises

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-Super fun and challenging 'bonus' core workouts

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"I have never been strong weight lifting wise, so it's mostly flexibility, core strength, endurance and band work. I didn't think it would make such a big difference, but my clubhead speed has gone up 6-10 mph in a year and a half, and ball speed is 5-12 mph faster on my great days."

-Justin Thomas

Core strength can make a big difference just like Justin said. We'll also show you some of my very favorite band exercises.  

And we'll back it up your purchase today with a satisfaction guarantee...so you don't have to worry about anything. 

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

We want you to have a stronger core for golf! In fact, we want you to learn how to access the power within that is already there and use it to hit longer drives, have a more firm midsection and become the powerhouse you were meant to be on the course. There is where we get satisfaction by teaching you what we have worked so hard to learn.

However, we also want you to know you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you already know everything we teach you, already know all the exercises we have prepared for you or do not see the benefits we are outlining, then simply contact us within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your money. That's more than fair, right?

P.S.:: What do you have to lose? This is the BEST time to work on improving your game. 

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