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Is Lack of Flexibility Affecting Your Golf Swing? How to Get 20 More Yards in Drive Distance in Less Than 20 Days!

Find out what it takes to restore the normal range of motion in your hips, back, hamstrings and shoulders so you are feeling refreshed and ready for your next round of golf.

"But those who hit the ball longer have strong hips and core, and are flexible. The best example I can think of is comparing myself to Jack Nicklaus. For years he outdrove me by 20 to 30 yards. But as we've grown older, my strong legs and core, as well as my flexibility, allow me to outdrive him today. Flexibility is the key ingredient. So that's my advice: Stretch, stretch and stretch again."       Gary Player (Golf Digest interview)

Just Imagine Stepping Up to the Tee and Hitting It Longer Than EVER Before...While Feeling Complete Freedom in Your Swing!

The ultimate stretch guide to leave even the tightest golfers feeling loose and free...
Did you know...
  • Poor spinal rotation is the most likely reason for drives that don't go the distance?
  • Even slightly restricted motion in the shoulders causes hooks, slices and inconsistency?
  • Gaining mobility in your body again can make you play (and feel) 10 years younger
  • You can overcome hooks and slices with 3 precise shoulder stretches?
  • Tight hips limit your backswing and cause swing plane loss?
  • You can achieve dramatically lower scores with 2 simple hip stretches?
  • Tight hamstrings are responsible for atleast 7 nagging golf problems?
  • Most golf injuries can be prevented or 'cured' when you unlock your body by a few simple stretches?

Take 10 Years Off Your Swing

It's easy to take 10 years off your swing when you improve the way you move. Ready to feel like your old self again?

Have a More Natural and Fluid Golf Swing

It's time to let your real, honest swing emerge. No more restricted movement means a more fluid and natural swing.  

Unlock Tight Spots on Your Body for Total Freedom

Unlock those tight hips, tight shoulders and tight back muscles! Experience total freedom in your swing. 

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“I’ll take a guy with flexibility and a good golf swing,” he said, “over a guy who is as strong as a moose.” -Long Drive Winner Jamie Sadlowski

Jaime Sadlowski
200+ mph ball speed

"There's No Reason You Can't Do at 45 What You Could Do at 25"

Stretching helps relearn basic movement patterns that an older body forgets. With aging comes valuable experience, development of skills and mental fortitude. All wonderful qualities! Many times, however, the body breaks down by lack of movement, injuries and stress over time. When you relearn movement patterns, you reengage your body and ignite the flame you have been missing. 

Stretching improves posture and makes your swing look young again. You want the best anti aging secret for your golf swing? Fix your posture. You will be surprised to find your breathing is improved and you will move so much better. 

Stretching prolongs your longevity on the course and protects you from injury. When you improve your movement patterns, you also improve your mobility and activity with your nervous system. You build endurance over time by not always fighting with your golf swing. Your natural swing will emerge and your body will feel more free to move the way it was designed to.

"I have a more connected swing"

"When I use these golf stretches I feel more connected to my body and my swing. Everything feels easier."

Shawn Cox, 16 handicap

"My swing speed increased and my hips rotate much more"

"My hips have been tight as long as I remember. These stretches helped quite a bit. I also increased my swing speed."

" I would recommend this guide to any golfer."

Joe Davies, 10 handicap

Here's What You Get...

When you order today, you will get a comprehensive stretch guide dedicated to helping you play better golf. 

  • Stretches for your tight hips, shoulders and back
  • How to perform self tests for tight spots that affect your swing
  • Stretch guidelines so you know what to stretch and for long
  • Precise directions so you know how many repetitions of each stretch
  • Photos that show normal range of motion for comparison
  • Warm up stretches you can do last minute on the course
  • and lots more...

Order your copy today and get started! Be ready for a brand new season of incredible golf...

Free up your swing and feel like yourself again....Give your game a chance.

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His flexibility and athleticism allow him to use a strong, fast unwind as he approaches the impact position. That allows him to unleash tremendous power on the golf ball. Butch Harmon (regarding Dustin' Johnson's effortless power)

Butch Harmon 
Comments on Dustin Johnson's swing

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Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Buy it now and use the stretches for the next 60 days. If you are unhappy for any reason, please send us an email and we will refund your money. This way you can't possibly go wrong and you have everything to gain with a more flexible body, longer drives and a younger swing. 

"My swing looks a lot better"

"Quite a few of my playing partners have said that my swing looks a lot better. It feels more natural to me and I feel like I'm making a better connection with the ball. "

Lisa S, 26 handicap

"Big difference in my backswing"

"I used to feel pretty restricted in my backswing and a little shoulder pain at the top. I've always been afraid to push it. Not any more. I've got a bigger backswing and no shoulder pinch."

J.D., handicap (not sure) 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if I don't get my stretch guide?

What if the stretches don't work for me?

Get instant access to GOLF STRETCHES now!

Want to hit it in the sweet spot and watch it sail? Flexibility is your best option. Start today!

So that's my advice: Stretch, stretch and stretch again." Gary Player (Golf Digest interview)

Gary Player
Age 81