Golf Practice

One of the most challenging areas of the game is to get your practice sessions to transfer to the course. One of the secret ingredients is to practice like you play. 

While that may sound easy in theory, it is quite difficult in execution simply because few experts focus on teaching this part of the game.

What difference would it make if you knew WHAT to practice and HOW OFTEN?

It would give meaning and purpose to every ball you hit and every practice session you engaged in.

Now that would be exciting!

Many golfers truly enjoy golf practice time. On a beautiful sunny day, practice can be a great way to unwind from a busy schedule or escape from the stress and strain of every day problems or concerns. 

Sometimes not thinking about anything specific for a few minutes while you clobber balls on the range is just what you need. However, it might not help you get better at playing golf.

Most golfers want to see something more concrete from their efforts like actual improvement. If this is how you feel, you are not alone. 

In fact, the fastest way to improve is to follow a specific targeted golf practice session. A highly focused 15 minute session will help you play better than hitting balls for twice the amount of time and without any particular purpose. 

Remember it is not necessary to hit a lot of balls to produce your best swing. Your best swing comes from knowing exactly what to practice and when. 

Golf practice should always have a time frame and a specific improvement goal.  High handicap players should also practice differently than low handicap players. Each step or session is a new learning experience and level of progression to a greater understanding of the game.

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