Golf Guides

Wake Up Golf provides a variety of specialty golf guides for every level of play. Our golf guides are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the game from golf tips to golf practice guides to senior golf and golf exercises.

Each guide carefully breaks down some aspect of the game so you can gig deep into the training, drills and advice to help you become a better player.

Core Workouts For Golf

Core Golf  Workouts

Did you know less than 7% of all golfers know how to access their core? Engaging your core is easy once you know the 3 principles behind it. Then you practice it like crazy so it becomes a part of your routine and a part of every swing you take. That's when it becomes 'natural and effortless'.

Stretches For Golf

Stretches For Golf

Find out what it takes to restore the normal range of motion in your hips, back, hamstrings and shoulders so you are feeling refreshed and ready for your next round of golf. Learn how tight hips can affect distance and swing plane.

Senior Golf

If you want to take 10 years off your swing starting today so you can continue playing the game you have loved for so many years...here's how... 


Long Drive Secrets

Long Drive Secrets

There is a good chance you have everything you need to be successful already. You watch other golfers who are half your age and nowhere near your skill level and yet they are launching it further than you do. You are left scratching your head and saying  'what the heck is going on here?'h

Big Book of Golf Drills

Big Book of Golf Drills

This program has over 100 carefully crafted swing drills you can use for almost any and every issue you may face while playing golf.

Golf Practice Schedules

Practice Schedules

A complete and comprehensive guide to help you take your practice on the range to success on the course...

21 Day Golf Improvement

21 Day Golf Improvement 

We have put together a fail proof plan and you are guaranteed to see results in 21 days. 

This booklet will give you 3 to 5 simple tasks per day related to an important part of the game. Throw it in your bag and and you can take it anywhere you go. You will never do too little or too much ever again. Just the right combination to see results. 

Lean, Strong and Long

Lean, Strong and Long

This program is designed for golfers who want to experience rapid fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain and improvements in energy. It is based on science, research and real life experience in working with golfers in countries around the world. And, yes, it can work for you too. 

Best All Time Golf Tips

103 Best Golf Tips

What if you were just one golf tip away from a significant breakthrough with your game? 

What if we did all the work for you? 

And spent... 1440 hours of research, 47 golf books reviewed, 577 golf videos viewed and 29 golf research reports analyzed. Well, this is it.

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5 Simple Golf Drills Every Golfer Should Know