Golf Exercises

As you can observe on tour, there is no one particular body type that is possessed by great players. They come in all shapes and sizes which is encouraging because there are role models out there that may be built just like you. 

Regardless of body type, many tour players work on their strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training through golf specific exercises. This helps support key fitness elements for golf, which in the modern game demands strong, powerful, flexible athletes. 

This training is now common amongst all types of golfers as everyone is now seeing the benefits in improving their golf games. Fitness training also helps prevent injury, cope with traveling and perhaps most importantly leads to a healthier lifestyle. 

The modern golf swing requires that you create resistance with certain body parts and rotation with others. Specifically the lower body supports and creates resistance for the rotation of the upper body, while the arms swing in sync with this rotation. 

Resistance strength is required in the legs, specifically the quadriceps, abductors and calf muscles. Rotary strength is required in the obliques, lats and other trunk rotators. It is also helpful to develop strength in the forearms and wrists. You should always have the goal of developing strength without losing flexibility.

Strength comes in many forms with regard to the golf swing. Strong back muscles allow the golfer to endure the explosive movements in the swing. Strength in the trunk region or “core” area of the body produces stability and helps to generate power. Combined muscle strength produces balance and coordination. Strong ligaments and tendons also prevent the joints from going beyond their range of motion.

Regardless of age, handicap or level of experience in golf or fitness, it’s important to follow golf exercises for the long term benefit of your game.

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