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Meet the Strategic Golf and Mental Golf Package

When you are not playing to your potential, there is usually one or two reasons why. Can one or both of these products help fill in the gap and get you past any barriers you face? Here is this week's golf deal. 

  • This guide covers strategies for how to play within yourself, the unthinkable swing, and how to dream big and execute small.
  • These strategies can help you bust through plateaus and help you completely master your game.
  • Straight from the professional tours comes advice that will save your game and help you play your very best.

Normally $27 (special offer below)

  • This guide covers strategies for match play, tempo, breaking bogeys, what you should be thinking about when you putt, the most important shot in golf...and so much more.
  • 74 pages of specific questions and answers regarding important mental playing strategies you can start using today. Written by a top ranked mental game guru with proven tour experience.
  • Best shot preparation techniques, best ways to improve focus, understanding tempo and how to maximize it...and much more

Normally $27 (special offer below)

Exclusive One Time Offer....Normally $54 for Both. 

Today it's just $17  and includes both programs and you can download them immediately and get started! (76% savings.)


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