About Us

Wake Up Golf was founded by golfer’s with a genuine love of the game – just like you. As avid players who have been around the game for most of our lives, we are constantly seeking out new ways to improve.

We have found that so much of the information that is passed around and accessible online is either not current with the most advanced teaching techniques or downright archaic.

We wanted to create honest, usable, high quality materials that every golfer could use. Some of our leading products include the Best Stretches for Golf, Simple Golf Practice Schedules and the Big Book of Golf Drills. 

There is something for every level of player whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced golfer. Golfers who use our products include competitive juniors, seniors, college golfers, wellness directors, golf coaches, golf teachers and even a few pros.

What you will find in our golf guides are very specific ‘how to’ directions on many facets of the game.

Let our experience and education in the golf field go to work for you and help you to become the best player you can be.

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